FSSD Smart Home Automation services

Looking for Sound System Services?

We’re your Smart Home simplified. Let us connect you to the things that matter. So you can unlock doors with your voice, keep in touch with loved ones, know when a package is delivered, and enjoy all the benefits of a connected home.

What's Included?

1-Hour Consultation

Your FSSD Smart Home Advisor will help find the right smart sound system devices for you, suggesting the best products for what you want to do, from entertainment to home security.

Pre-appointment Survey

A pre-appointment survey will be sent to help your technician personalize your shopping experience.

Smart Home Upgrade Plan

We’ll design a smart home upgrade plan to meet the unique needs of your household, from cameras, doorbells, smoke detectors and locks, to smart speakers and content streaming sticks.

Same-day Service

You’ll have the ability to purchase products during your appointment, with the option to have your technician install it, set it up, and show you how to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Smart Home Advisor will help you find the right smart home devices for your home. During the appointment, we can help you as follows:

  • Test your Wi-Fi speed and check your wiring to make sure your home is compatible for connected home devices.
  • Recommend products and product combinations based on your needs and your home.
  • Help set up your account, download any apps needed and connect your devices to your account.
  • Answer any questions about existing smart home products, and connect them with any new devices.

Appointments are typically less than an hour.

Yes! We can complete purchases and give you products on the spot. No trip to the store or waiting for shipping.

FSSD Smart Services specialize in smart home products, and will recommend products from our partners based on your needs.

Partners include: Google Nest, Ring, August & Yale Smart Locks, GE Smart Bulbs, Linksys, Klipsch Audio and Polk Audio.

Installation service is not included with your Smart Home Advisor appointment. If you choose to purchase new devices during your appointment, you can either install them yourself, or purchase additional installation services from your FSSD Smart Home Advisor.

No, your Smart Home Advisor appointment does not cover tech support. If you prefer technical support in-home, you can book a Diagnostic Service appointment.

FSSD Smart Services offers solutions for all types of homes, including apartments, condos and townhouse.